Our wines

We produce 4 cuvées :

– the Château de Vaugaudry, our main cuvée, is a supple wine, excellent example of the red wines of the Loire. Grape variety : Cabernet Franc
– the Clos du Plessis Gerbault comes from our oldest wines. It is a red wine of guard which can generally be tasted a few years after harvest. Patience is rewarded. Grape variety : Cabernet Franc
– the Cuvée Prestige is a special cuvée, only made in the best years. It is a red wine of guard, often at its apogee five years after harvest. It is a nice bridge between the Château de Vaugaudry cuvée and the Clos du Plessis Gerbault cuvée as the wine is structured and supple. Grape variety : Cabernet Franc
– the White Chinon Château de Vaugaudry, is a remarquable wine with very long-lasting aromas, a high intensity nose and a balanced mouth. Grape variety : Chenin


Chateau de Vaugaudry – White Chinon

This wine is remarquable for its very long-lasting aromas, high intensity nose and balanced mouth. It can be consumed immediately.

Guard : 5 years


Pale yellow color.
High intensity nose with an aromatic complexity of white flowers and pears.
Balanced and fresh mouth, giving aromas of pears and exotic fruits such as pineapple and mango.

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Château de Vaugaudry

A versatile wine, Château de Vaugaudry is generally defined by its excellent balance.
Pleasant to drink from its first year, this wine releases its best aromas gradually.

Guard : 2-7 years


Medium intensity color, shiny, ruby reflection.
Nose of medium intensity of ripe red berries or mingled notes of candied citrus.
On the palate, frank attack, balanced wine, digestible on freshness, with tannins.
To drink on youth.

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chateau-de-vaugaudry cuvée prestige

Château de Vaugaudry – Cuvée Prestige

Cuvée only made in the best years. Wine of guard aged in oak barrels in our own cellars.

Guard : 5-15 years


Deep color, purple tints.
Spicy nose with garrigue (thyme, rosemary) and black olive notes, high intensity.
Warm palate, structure, on black fruits… delicate and promising tannins. Long finish.

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Clos du Plessis-Gerbault

From the oldest vines on the property, the Clos du Plessis-Gerbault is a reduced and selected production; this wine ages one year in oak barrels in our cellars. Structured, having a good length in the mouth, it can be consumed quickly.

Guard : 7-20 years


High intensity color with deep ruby highlights.
Complex notes of black fruits (blackcurrant, blueberry) spicy, dried bay leaves finalized by a minty side.
Mouth very oily, powerful. Firm and silky tannins. We find black fruits as well as small roasted roasted coffee notes.

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